this is all you need to know about me. my name is gabriel lupei. i am twenty-seven years old, and i graduated from the house of godric gryffindor. i am now working as an auror. i like my job enough because it pays. i'm divorced. you really don't want to get romantically involved with me. it's not worth it.

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oh i see. you need a hangover cure, then! /not more alcohol.) fancy some food? /smileysmile bc dorcas.) yeah… a little while ago… she came by the school to visit her brother and stuff, and we were talking and… well, you know. she’s great. /yeah they’re still going out atm fjskfhkjash.) 

yeah, i think there’s muggle medicine for that called advil but i’ve run out. /alcohol+more alcohol = cure??? 8) ) i see. she is. it’s nice to see two of my friends getting along. what about the students? any trouble with those brats?

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… oh? what’s — okay. ???? well uh. if you..need anything.. then. okay. i’m okay. same old, really. 

/pinches bridge of nose ; grunts.) hangover. uuuuh .. yeah, you and dorcas, huh? when did that happen? /out of the loop because of work ; THEY’RE STILL GOING OUT ATM RIGHT???? omfg what if they aren’t ; awk.)

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oh hi gabe didn’t see you there. how’s things?

i’m quite sure you noticed me first but .. hello. terrible, but don’t ask about it. yourself?

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are you okay

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18/100 pictures of sebastian stan
18/100 pictures of sebastian stan


happy birthday, madeline !

present-wrapping just wasn’t his forte. neither was present-picking. he had an amazing memory but remembering his daughter’s birthday obviously wasn’t going to be enough to be given the title of number one dad. sometimes he wondered if he was even cut out for the father job. occasionally, he admitted to himself that madeline staying with lola was for the best. 

so here he was, with a small gift of yet another stuffed animal, wrapped neatly by one of the store employees (because if he did any of the wrapping himself, it would’ve been done horribly with newspaper). he ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. parties, huh. he had never been a fan of them, even as a teenager. sure, if there were pictures, one would see him grinning and with a girl on each arm, though he was fairly sure he had been pretending, that he didn’t enjoy a single one of them. fairly sure.

he rang the doorbell, then pushed the parcel from one hand to the other. was he nervous? maybe only a little. but he wasn’t one who would run away from something as small as this. he started to smile to himself. gabriel lupei, afraid of a three-year-old baby’s birthday party? that would be something to tell madeline when she grew older.


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what’d i do now? - luca /also lazy

quit getting yourself arrested. what’d you do that time? - ian


okay. starts at ten. 

okay. i will see you then.

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